What are Trappist beers ?

Top-fermented ales brewed in a Trappist  monastery. For a beer to qualify for this category, the entire production process must be carried out by, or supervised by, Trappist monks on the site of the monastery. Only seven monasteries currently meet this qualification, six of which are in Belgium and one in the Netherlands. The current Trappist brands are Achel, Chimay, La Trappe (The Netherlands), Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle and Westvleteren. 


Authentic Trappist product

This registered trademark guarantees the authenticity of a product which is made by Trappists. With regard to beer this means: brewed primarily within the monastery walls by, or under the supervision of the local Trappist community. The profits are partly used in maintaining the monastery and partly for social and charitable work. Trappist brewers make Belgium unique in the world!

Trappist beers are always top fermented, and fermented a second time in the bottle, and they vary in colour, flavour and density.