Why cooking with beer ?

This is the question posed many times over, everywhere we go and talk about cooking with beer. There are three basic reasons. First, with beer you introduce specific flavors and aromas in your food. It can be the bitterness of the hops, the maltiness of the grain, or the real unique flavor of the beer you are using. Never forget, that the range of tastes in the available beers of the world to you, is so much wider than the tastes of wines on the market.

Second, with the beer you introduce all the healthy stuff that is in the beer. The many B-vitamins, the rich variety of phytochemicals like folate, niacin and isoflavonoids, the hops and its cleansing and cancer-fighting characteristics, and yes, the alcohol. Alcohol, which in moderation, is good for our veins, our brain and our heart. Since healthy water was not always available, most soups were made with beer centuries ago

And last but not least: it’s fun. Indeed, experimenting with your favorite beers in the kitchen to introduce flavors, aroma’s and health benefits in your food is very satisfying, and the ideal gateway for enjoying a good beer. Remember what we say in Belgium: beer is food!